Bitz & Bob.

Bitz & Bob

CBeebies sitcom focused around STEAM learning. 44 episodes (1 series) in 2018. Stars Rob Delaney, Maria Darling, Duke Davis, Dolly Heavey and Marc Silk.

Another series is in development.
Episode 10 is repeated today at 4:45pm.

Series 1

1. Castle Makeover

First broadcast: Monday 12th March 2018

Bob really wants his castle to look more like Bitz's, and everyone pitches in to help, but things don't go to plan.

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2. Marmalade Mayhem

First broadcast: Tuesday 13th March 2018

Bitz is excited to be serving her yummy Bitz mix marmalade to lots of hungry customers at the Jungle Cafe.

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3. Ready, Set, Check

First broadcast: Wednesday 14th March 2018

It's race day in Craft City and Bob is determined to come first and win the trophy, until disaster strikes and his go-kart starts falling apart! Has Bitz got a solution?


4. Desert Road Trip

First broadcast: Thursday 15th March 2018

Bob is excited to see an amazing cactus that only flowers once a year, but the gang's race across the hot sandy desert slows to a crawl when Bitz and Purl over-engineer their vehicle.


5. Monster Mountain

First broadcast: Friday 16th March 2018

Bob wants to plant a sign on the top of Mount Robo-Bob, so they set off in grippy shoes to climb it.

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6. X Marks the Spot

First broadcast: Monday 19th March 2018

Bitz, Purl and Bob are on a treasure hunt on Faraway Island with the help of an old map, and they find a huge chest full of yummy chocolate coins.

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7. Princess Purl's Big Sleep

First broadcast: Tuesday 20th March 2018

Naughty fairies Zipsy and Popsy have put a spell on Princess Purl so that she sleeps for a gazillion years.

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8. Bob's Balloon Adventure

First broadcast: Wednesday 21st March 2018

When Bob gets stuck in a runaway hot air balloon over Craft City, Bitz needs to give him clear instructions on how to land it - and she's running out of time!


9. Losing Steam

First broadcast: Thursday 22nd March 2018

Bitz, Bob and Bevel are racing across the desert in a steam train to deliver ice cream for the opening of Purl's ice cream parlour.

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10. Brilliant Beach Circus

First broadcast: Friday 23rd March 2018

It's circus time on Faraway Island, and everyone can't wait to show off their amazing acts.

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11. Sinking Feeling

First broadcast: Monday 26th March 2018

When heavy things are put on soft surfaces like sand, they sometimes sink. Spreading the weight across a bigger surface area can help to stop that sinking feeling, so we're making sand shoes from cardboard and ribbon.


12. Periscope Peril

First broadcast: Tuesday 27th March 2018

Princess Purl has lost her tiara and it turns out it's been taken by two naughty castle trolls who parade around showing it off high up in the castle.

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13. Plipp And Zopp

First broadcast: Wednesday 28th March 2018

Bitz and Bob are on the lookout for spaceships in the Big Hot Sandy Desert when a rocket crash-lands near them.

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14. Princess Purl Day

First broadcast: Thursday 29th March 2018

It's the Princess Purl Day parade in Craft City.

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15. Bubble Quest

First broadcast: Friday 30th March 2018

Princess Purl has one more task to complete to stay a princess.

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16. Little Bev Riding Hood

First broadcast: Saturday 31st March 2018

It's the Fairy Tale Theatre Company's play of Little Bev Riding Hood, directed by Purl, and Bitz has built an amazing stage.

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17. Big Pop On Top

First broadcast: Tuesday 3rd April 2018

Bitz and Bob are making a film about Big Pop.

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18. Ahoy There

First broadcast: Wednesday 4th April 2018

A game of beach volleyball is interrupted when a ball thrown by Bevel dislodges the gang's raft.

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19. Jungle Fashion Show

First broadcast: Thursday 5th April 2018

It's fashion show time. Bitz has designed some fantastic hats, Bob is taking the photographs, Purl is modelling them and Bevel is guiding them through the jungle to find the perfect place to hold the show.

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20. Show Bitzness

First broadcast: Friday 6th April 2018

Everyone is practising their acts for the big talent show, and Purl has even made a beautiful sparkly curtain for the front of the stage.

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21. Rock And Roll

First broadcast: Monday 11th June 2018

Bitz and Bob are helping famous artist La Purl move a very large rock across the beach, as she needs it for a mysterious work of art.

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22. Bitz's Campout Conundrum

First broadcast: Tuesday 12th June 2018

On a camping trip to High Snowy Mountain, Bitz, Bob and Purl offer to help a very tired bear-sitter Bevel get two bear cubs to take their nap so he can arrange a surprise picnic for them.

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23. Bitz's Big Build

First broadcast: Wednesday 13th June 2018

Bitz promises to build a strong house for Little Bo Purl's goats and for the three little pigs, one that big bad Robo Wolf can't blow down.

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24. Tower Top Princess Party

First broadcast: Thursday 14th June 2018

Princess Purl and Princess Bitz have decided to create the best party ever for Sir Robo Bob and Sir Bevel.

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25. Greatest Gig In Town

First broadcast: Friday 15th June 2018

With Bitz on drums, Bob on guitar and Bevel on vocals, The Booyahs are ready to perform.

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26. Merry Go Round

First broadcast: Monday 18th June 2018

There is an amazing seahorse merry-go-round on the beach, and everyone is having lots of fun going round and round - except Bevel.

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27. Incredible Duck Trek

First broadcast: Tuesday 19th June 2018

Mummy duck is trying to lead her ducklings from their nest in Bitz's castle to the lake, but it's a long way, so Bitz and Bob help guide them there safely.

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28. Cake Calamity

First broadcast: Wednesday 20th June 2018

Bitz has created a super strawberry, dreamy creamy, nicely icely, bake-a-licious cake that is so tasty Bob suggests she makes more so she can sell them to the whole world.

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29. Bitz's Beach Party

First broadcast: Thursday 21st June 2018

Bob can't go to his friend Phoebe's party because she has measles.

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30. Snowy Sports Day

First broadcast: Friday 22nd June 2018

Everyone is excited about competing in Snowy Sports Day.

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31. Snowy Sneezy Goat Gala

First broadcast: Monday 13th August 2018

It's time for the Snowy Goat Gala on High Snowy Mountain.

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32. Bevel Genie's Home Sweet Home

First broadcast: Tuesday 14th August 2018

Bitz, Bob and Purl are on a treasure hunt in Big Hot Sandy Desert.

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33. Castle Bake Off

First broadcast: Wednesday 15th August 2018

Rivalries are brought to the boil in the Yum-tastic Pizza Bake Off as Bob vies with Zip and Pop for the prize.

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34. Amazing Owl Club

First broadcast: Thursday 16th August 2018

Bitz and Purl start the Amazing Owl Club, with a special badge with flapping owl wings that allows members entry to the exclusive clubhouse.

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35. Woolly Wonder Girl

First broadcast: Friday 17th August 2018

Police Chief Bevel has his hands full trying to stop rowdy rascals Zip and Pop on their noise-making spree in Craft City.

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36. A Birthday Surprise

First broadcast: Monday 20th August 2018

Bitz, Bob, Bevel, Zip and Pop are making Purl a surprise birthday present - the best hairclip ever!

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37. A-Maze-Ing Adventure

First broadcast: Tuesday 21st August 2018

Bob is looking after Phoebe's cute little puppy called Earl, but when they take him for walkies he gets lost inside Bitz's amazing maze.

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38. The Frog Log Bridge

First broadcast: Wednesday 22nd August 2018

During a game of Follow the Leader on Far Away Island, Bitz and Bob bump into Ranger Bevel, who is helping guide some frogs to water.

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39. Up, Up And Away

First broadcast: Thursday 23rd August 2018

It's the day of the kite festival and first up are Zip and Pop, who dazzle the crowd with their performance.

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40. Mayor Bevel's Mega Wheel

First broadcast: Friday 24th August 2018

Bitz, Bob and Purl are building a giant Mega Wheel in Craft City for Mayor Bevel, and the local citizens are getting very excited.

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41. The Every Place Chase Race

First broadcast: Monday 27th August 2018

Animated preschool seriBitz, Bob and Purl are in a race across the whole wide world to win the trophiest trophy ever, and they are joined by a new team member, Roly, a roller-skating baby dinosaur. es introducing children to science and engineering.

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42. Bitz And Bob's Toy Shop

First broadcast: Tuesday 28th August 2018

Bitz and Bob's junk stall sells out of everything, including Bob's robo-helmet!

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43. Gripping Yarn

First broadcast: Wednesday 29th August 2018

Bob, or Big Bad Robo Wolf, showing just how bad he is, locks Ra-Purl-Zel in the castle tower.

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44. Episode Forty Four

Animated preschool series introducing children to science and engineering.