All At Sea. Image shows from L to R: Ben (Sam Hattersley), Charlie (Ryan Wilkinson), Alison (Olivia Cosgrove). Copyright: BBC.

All At Sea

CBBC comedy drama. 26 episodes (2 series), 2013 - 2015. Stars Ryan Wilkinson, Nicola Stephenson, Steve Edge, Milly Zero, Adam Greaves-Neal, Olivia Cosgrove and Sam Hattersley.

Series 1

1. Seagull

First broadcast: Wednesday 25th September 2013

Charlie and his family have recently moved from London to run a Bed and Breakfast by the sea.

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2. Vase

First broadcast: Wednesday 2nd October 2013

It's Charlie's mum's birthday and she's especially pleased with the special vase that dad has bought her as a present...

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3. Artist

First broadcast: Wednesday 9th October 2013

An artist comes to stay at the B&B, giving Charlie a creative idea on how to make some extra money.

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4. Alien

First broadcast: Wednesday 16th October 2013

Charlie comes up with an out of this world plan to make his homework easier with some extra-terrestrial help. But when an unusual guest arrives at the B and B Charlie starts to wonder whether asking aliens for help was really such a good idea...


5. Biscuits

First broadcast: Wednesday 23rd October 2013

Charlie's mum is upset when someone takes two of the special biscuits she was saving for her school reunion. Incorrectly blamed for taking them, Charlie sets about trying to find out who the real culprit is.


6. Carwash

First broadcast: Wednesday 30th October 2013

When Charlie breaks the microwave, he needs a plan to make money for repairs, and thinks car washing may be the perfect solution. He just needs to work out a way to make cars dirty first.


7. Gymnast

First broadcast: Wednesday 6th November 2013

Having gatecrashed a party and passed Ben off as a foreign gymnast, the trio find trouble when the real sport star is due in town.

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8. Piano

First broadcast: Wednesday 13th November 2013

Charlie's long been using his piano lesson money to instead go to the cinema. It could all get a little tricky when he's signed up for a piano exam!

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9. Rabbit

First broadcast: Wednesday 20th November 2013

Charlie, Alison and Ben try to come up with a plan to make enough money for a trip to the cinema. When they see a rabbit running across the local golf course, Charlie thinks he's found the perfect solution.


10. Bee Boy

First broadcast: Wednesday 27th November 2013

Hannah tries to come up with a new business idea for her school project and starts to worry when her super-competitive dad offers to help. Dad starts a cake sale and enters into a bitter rivalry with Mr Leith.

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11. Dog

First broadcast: Wednesday 4th December 2013

Things quickly get out of hand when Ben gets a dog and is mistaken for a being blind whilst out walking it!

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12. Chips

First broadcast: Wednesday 11th December 2013

Roy comes to visit, and Charlie embarks on a catering venture in hope of making some money.

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Christmas Special: Murderer

First broadcast: Wednesday 18th December 2013

When Charlie notices Mr Leith acting differently, he's convinced it means he's murdered his wife.

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