Cheep Laughs - Christmas Puns

UK Pun Champion Darren Walsh has written us some festive jokes...

Elf 'N' Safety

Missing Baby Jesus found, but his condition has been described as far from stable.

I heard a sneeze from the chimney. I think Santa's coming down with something.

I promised I'd hand deliver my dog's Christmas present, but I might have to post bone.

Scottish wrapping paper. I guess it's all tartan parcel.

Ebenezer Scrooge went on holiday to Germany, but when he got there, he shouted "Bah, Hamburg".

My sister and I gave my older brother some flight compression socks for Christmas. We put "From Bro/Sis".

Because of last Christmas's damaged goods, Barack Obama is hand delivering his gifts this year. It's unpressiedented.

The Third No L

If you're signing an agreement with Father Christmas, make sure there's a Claus in the contract.

Went to the Twitter office Christmas party, but there was nothing t'weet.

"That bloke is singing christmas carols like an owl" "Hoo, hymn?"

That's Christmas sorted.

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