Leigh Francis to publish autobiography

Wednesday 21st February 2024, 11:59am

Leigh Francis
  • Celebrity Juice and Avid Merrion star Leigh Francis is writing his memoirs
  • The currently un-titled book will be published on 12th September 2024
  • The comic says: "Not many people know that much about who I am just as myself"

Keith Lemon star Leigh Francis is to publish a new book in September.

His publishers confirm of the currently un-titled publication: "HarperCollins has acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to the memoir from Leigh Francis, one of Britain's most recognisable television personalities and comedians."

The blurb explains: "As a presenter, actor, writer and comedian, Leigh Francis has been a hugely popular face on our screens for over 20 years now. And yet Leigh has spent most of his career in character - with the Bear, Avid Merrion or Keith Lemon taking centre stage. Until now.

"For the first time, Leigh is putting pen to paper and writing his autobiography. From growing up in Leeds, turning up to school dressed as Spiderman, meeting the love of his life, finding his calling and becoming who he is today, this is the full, untold story of how Leigh became Leigh. He's out of character, very loud and extremely funny."

The comic says says: "I get asked a lot of questions when I'm not in character - are you married? How did you get into TV? Where are you from? Collar and cuffs? Not many people know that much about who I am just as myself. But I feel very privileged to have the opportunities I've had. One of them writing this memoir at a time where I'm starting to be me as me and at an age where I can still remember what happened! I'm still very silly though! As for the collar and cuffs question the answer is yes. Although I have a few white hairs in my beard now and I'm starting to look like Richard Attenborough!"

Publisher Ajda Vucicevic comments: "I am thrilled that Leigh has chosen to publish the book with us. I read the book in one sitting and can honestly say that people are in for a real surprise and a treat. It's funny, heart-breaking and sure to be a hit with fans and readers. Leigh has given his all to finally come out of character and step into the spotlight as himself. The result is a spectacular book that's sure to put a smile on your face."

This news follows on from the announcement in June that he is to head out on his first live tour as himself. Leigh Francis: My First Time will run across March and April.

The book will be published on 12th September 2024 in hardback, audiobook and eBook formats. It is available to pre-order now.

Leigh Francis - The Autobiography

By Leigh Francis

One of Britain's most recognisable television personalities shares a memoir of his life for the first time ever ... as himself. He's out of character, very loud and extremely funny!

'You're doing a book!!!???' my friend said.

'Yes,' I replied.

'What, is someone writing it for you?'

'No. I'm writing it. It's my book. It's about me!' I said.

'But what about the spelling and the whole dyslexia thing?' she said. 'I'm sure the people that publish the book or my agent will check all of that,' I said. So from the get-go I apologise if there are any typos or grammatical mistakes. There shouldn't be, as I'm sure the book-making fairy has checked through it all. Big cheers to the book-making fairy! Hurraaahhh!

I've actually written books before. Seven, if I'm blowing my own trumpet. But never about me, Leigh Francis. Not many people know the real me. They know Keith Lemon, Avid Merrion, The Bear, but this book is all about who I am, out of character, totally honest, just being me. There's going to be some sad bits, but hopefully there'll be more happy bits that'll put a smile on your face a few times. It's everything I can remember up to the present day.

When I was at school they called me Francis, Franny, Eyes (my middle name is Izaak - hence eyes, I guess). Oh, I've also been called Ginger Bollox many times too, Ginger Bastard, Fat Ginger Bastard, all the ginger stuff. But I ain't moaning about that. I am ginger! Ginger and proud.

Anyway, let's start with my first memory, which was being circumcised when I was three. If we're going to be starting at all.

First published: Thursday 12th September 2024

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BCG may earn commission on sales generated through the links above.

BCG may earn commission on sales generated through the links above.

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