Jayde Adams in Welcome To The Neighbourhood. Jayde Adams. Credit: BBC, Unusual Productions
Welcome To The Neighbourhood

Welcome To The Neighbourhood

  • Radio comedy
  • BBC Radio 4
  • 2022 - 2023
  • 20 episodes (2 series)

Radio broadcast of the podcast hosted by Jayde Adams, which focuses on local gossip and grumbling.

  • This series will continue at a later date

Press clippings

Jayde Adams becomes the life guru next door

The comedian's new podcast plunders neighbourhood messageboards for fun, feuds, gossip and second-hand goldfish. She explains all - and looks ahead to her Edinburgh show, a support group for men in crisis.

Rachel Aroesti, The Guardian, 29th June 2022

If community messageboards and apps intrigue you, Jayde Adams gets it. Here she invites guests to join her and revel in the unintentional hilarity of online spaces where people will try to swap the Bounty bars out of their Celebrations for better chocolates. Bin day and arguments over high streets feature heavily, with Adams hitting the nail on the "only-saying-what-everyone's-thinking" head in every discussion.

Hannah Verdier, The Guardian, 24th June 2022

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