A car on a country line. Copyright: BBC.

Uncle Mort's North Country

BBC Radio 4 sitcom about a holiday around the north. 10 episodes (2 series), 1987 - 1989. Stars Stephen Thorne, Peter Skellern and Christian Rodska.

Uncle Mort's North & South Country

Uncle Mort's North & South Country

These two much-loved series featured the late Peter Tinniswood's legendary creations Uncle Mort and Carter Brandon. As the pair tour Britain, Uncle Mort's recollections make for some hilarious moments. In Uncle Mort's North Country, having been granted a week's holiday, Carter Brandon, with his uncle Mort for company, takes a series of day trips around the north. From day one the week is quite eventful, from a burning barn and a death in a pub where they stop for a drink, to a trip to the seaside where events are equally interesting and amusing.

In Uncle Mort's South Country, these famous sons of the north find a fruitful new patch of Tinniswood country in which to air their views. Soho and Hampton Court, southern hotels and southern pubs, southern beer and southern food, that caustic one-nation philosopher, Uncle Mort, has to stomach them all. Also included in this release is an interview with Peter Tinniswood, who died in 2003.

First released: Monday 10th April 2006