Trodd En Bratt Say 'Well Done You'. Image shows from L to R: Ruth Bratt, Lucy Trodd. Copyright: Lucky Giant.

Trodd En Bratt Say 'Well Done You'

BBC Radio 4 sketch show. 8 episodes (2 series), 2014 - 2015. Stars Lucy Trodd, Ruth Bratt, Adam Meggido and Oliver Senton.

Press Clippings

Over on Radio 4, I've been ignoring Trodd en Bratt say "Well Done You" for almost two series now, mostly because it's called Well Done You, and that phrase, along with others such as "Aw, bless" and "x more sleeps til..." and "nom" (for food), makes me want to throw crockery at the wall. However, I've realised that Lucy and Ruth, the women behind WDY, are perfectly aware of how irritating WDY is (as though they wouldn't be), and I've realised that this, too, is a properly funny comedy programme. It's a sketch show, which means it's hit-and-miss, but that's the nature of it. A skit involving two women comparing how little they'd spent on stuff had some great lines, but suffered from the characters sounding too much like Catherine Tate (Tate casts a long shadow over female character comics). But other sketches, such as the really loud New York tourists, made me laugh - just at their silliness, really - while the women working in a shop where every product had to have a double function were original and very funny. So, you know, Ruth Bratt and Lucy Trodd, well done you!

Miranda Sawyer, The Observer, 1st March 2015

Trodd en Bratt get a second series on Radio 4

Radio 4 has ordered a second series of Trodd En Bratt Say 'Well Done You', the sketch show written by and starring Lucy Trodd and Ruth Bratt.

British Comedy Guide, 30th September 2014

Trodd en Bratt land Radio 4 series

Ruth Bratt and Lucy Trodd have landed a Radio 4 series based on their 2012 Edinburgh Free Festival show.

Jay Richardson, Chortle, 1st February 2013