Our Friend Victoria. Daniel Rigby. Copyright: Phil McIntyre Entertainment.


BBC Radio 4 sitcom about a reincarnated popstar. 10 episodes (2 series), 2019 - 2020. Stars Daniel Rigby, Diane Morgan and Freya Parker.

Series 2

1. Cat

First broadcast: Thursday 9th July 2020

Nathan Blakely was a popstar, but he died and was reincarnated - as a pet cat. But there's a catch - he has to live in the home of his actual granny. Nathan was a terrible grandson when he was a human. But now he's a cat, will he learn how to be loyal and kind? And will he ever it make it back to human again?


2. Eel

First broadcast: Thursday 16th July 2020

Nathan is brought back to life as an eel in a river in Norfolk. He's desperate to join the cool adolescent eels as they migrate across the Atlantic to spawn in the Caribbean. But it's too much too soon for Nathan. Will he ever learn to do the right thing and make it back to human again? Romesh Ranganathan guest stars.


3. Beaver

First broadcast: Thursday 23rd July 2020

Nathan is brought back to life as a beaver in Sweden. He meets fellow rodent Elsa and together they try to build an ambitious lodge to shelter the community over winter. Unfortunately, Nathan is useless at DIY and ends up cutting corners. Sally Phillips guest stars.


4. Space Hamster

First broadcast: Thursday 30th July 2020

Nathan is brought back to life as a hamster in a petshop in California. But not just any old hamster - Nathan the hamster is selected by NASA to enter the space-race. Perhaps seeing the earth from space will give Nathan a radical new sense of perspective. Or maybe it will just confirm his rampant egomania. Will Nathan ever learn to do the right thing and make it back to human again? Guest starring Phil Wang as Xavier, the Space Hedgehog.


5. Komodo

First broadcast: Thursday 6th August 2020

Nathan is brought back to life as the animal that best represents his true self - a Komodo Dragon. The Panel have decided that he's driven by his reptilian brain, the basest instincts of feed, fight and flight. Nathan is desperate to prove them wrong, and tries to help a young Komodo (James Acaster). But, inevitably, things don't go entirely to plan.


6. Max

First broadcast: Thursday 13th August 2020

In this final episode, Nathan has sacked Jenny and now has a brand new spiritual advisor, Max (Daniel Lawrence Taylor), who promises to get him straight up the reincarnation ladder and back up to human again. And sure enough, Nathan races from dung beetle to pig to penguin in no time. But it soon becomes clear that Max's methods are morally dubious, and Nathan must reunite with Jenny if he is to save himself. And the world!