My Politician Is Funnier Than Yours. Ava Vidal. Copyright: BBC.

My Politician Is Funnier Than Yours

BBC Radio 4 documentary. 1 episode in 2010. Features Ava Vidal, Jeremy Hardy, Bill Dare and Tommy Sheppard.

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Comedian Ava Vidal looks at how devolution has changed the way we laugh at our politicians. Now that power has moved from Westminster to Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff, she explores whether comedy has followed it and whether politicians are viewed in any way differently in each place. And as Westminster adapts to a new government, is the content of political comedy there due for a change too? Is there such a thing as national political satire anymore? Including contributions from political comedian Jeremy Hardy, producer Bill Dare and comedy club manager Tommy Sheppard.

Radio Times, 17th July 2010

This show finds comedian Ava Vidal on the trail of the lonesome joke, arguing that there are no laughs left in Westminster now devolution has left a hole at the centre of the mirth. Stay tuned for gales of merriment from Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.

Gillian Reynolds, The Telegraph, 17th July 2010