Susan Calman


  • Radio panel show
  • BBC Radio 2
  • 2014 - 2015
  • 7 episodes (1 series)

Susan Calman hosts this Radio 2 panel show which explores the world of the list, from the humble to-do list to the bucket list.

Press clippings

I always forget that Radio 2 has comedy shows, but it does, and it boasts a promising new one in the form of Listomania. Hosted with panache by Susan Calman, Listomania's first show was last week, and boasted a selection of funny people I'd never heard of. This is a good thing: for the past five years, mainstream comedy producers seem to have been choosing their panellists from a list of about 10 people, of whom two are women (and one is always Rebecca Front).

That list is not one that has appeared on Listomania so far. Here are some that have: a list of World Cups that Wales could win; a list that compares a selection of My Little Pony characters against slang terms for illegal narcotics, and another that compares Judi Dench characters with Ikea merchandise. All terrifically artificial, of course, but cues for some good gags, especially from Lloyd Langford. I enjoyed the variety of accents on offer, too - Irish, Scottish, Welsh, English, Aussie - it's cheering to hear different kinds of lovely voices, rather than the standard upper-middle southern English that sweeps all before it on Radio 4. Plus: three women each week! All funny! Who'd have thought?

Miranda Sawyer, The Observer, 1st March 2015

Radio Times review

If you compiled a top ten of people who like lists, no less a person than novelist Umberto Eco would be right up there for saying: "the list is the origin of culture... it's part of the history of art and literature". BBC Radio 2 hopes that the list will also be the origin of comedy for about half an hour every week on this new panel show [pilot] about the "to do" list, the bucket list and everything in between.

Comedian, writer and actor Susan Calman is the host and you can check out her website at where among other things you can keep track of her upcoming performances - on her mailing list.

William Gallagher, Radio Times, 12th June 2014

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