Laurence And Gus: Hearts And Minds. Image shows from L to R: Laurence Howarth, Gus Brown. Copyright: BBC.

Laurence And Gus: Hearts And Minds

BBC Radio 4 sketch show. 10 episodes (2 series), 2008 - 2009. Stars Laurence Howarth, Gus Brown, Duncan Wisbey, Isy Suttie and Kate Fleetwood.

Series 2

1. Beauty and Ugliness

First broadcast: Tuesday 14th July 2009

Laurence Howarth and Gus Brown come up with a list of ugly words. Other sketches include a story about Tony Spangles; a kinky merman; a love song; and a broccoli-based Miss World contest.

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2. Lying and Honesty

First broadcast: Tuesday 21st July 2009

Award-winning comedy duo Laurence Howarth and Gus Brown explore the themes of lying and honesty via jokes, sketches and songs. Sketches include a medieval song, a man with a megaphone trying not to alarm women, plus a highway man with some willing victims.

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3. Industry and Laziness

First broadcast: Tuesday 28th July 2009

Sketches about Industry and Laziness, with perspectives from Stalin's PA, a man with an awful lot of tortoises and the Pied Piper of Hamlyn.


4. Keeping It and Losing It

First broadcast: Tuesday 4th August 2009

Sketches on the theme of 'keeping it and losing it'. Topics include a tennis assignation mix-up, a man living with ducks, and a look at the first days of the Samaritans phone line.


5. Joining In and Opting Out

First broadcast: Tuesday 11th August 2009

Sketches on the theme of 'Joining In and Opting Out', with a robot who won't be your friend; some sensible mountain climbers; a rather small swingers party; dodgy cowboy nicknames; and a fatal error from The Three Musketeers.


6. Remembering and Forgetting

First broadcast: Tuesday 18th August 2009

Sketches include the dying words of an army general; a pig suicide; a song about internet flirting; and a mis-understood author.