Josie Long - All Of The Planet's Wonders. Josie Long. Copyright: BBC.

Josie Long - All Of The Planet's Wonders

BBC Radio 4 stand-up. 4 episodes (1 series) in 2009. Stars Josie Long and Maeve Higgins.

Episode 2 is repeated on Radio 4 Extra on Tuesday at 11pm.

Josie Long - All Of The Planet's Wonders

Josie Long - All Of The Planet's Wonders

BBC Radio 4 comedy series in which award-winning comedian Josie Long attempts to better herself through learning from reference books, with help from Irish comedian Maeve Higgins. Originally broadcast 18 February 2009 - 11 March 2009.

Each episode is anchored by Josie Long and Maeve Higgins in the studio, with Josie presenting her essay on the week's subject and Maeve helping with questions, illustrations and interruptions. The guests help to play extra characters or to provide specialist advice.

In the first episode Josie uses the book 'Astronomy for Dummies' to try and unravel the greater mysteries of the cosmos.

In the second episode, 'The Enlightenment', Josie explores the history of collecting things and discovers the Enlightenment. She tries to defy her arty-student past by becoming more scientific and takes controversial anatomist and Bodyworks impresario, Professor Gunther von Hagens, to task for being a 'demon with ready access to plasticine.'

In 'Obscure Animal Facts' she explores the fantastic world of animal trivia in a bid to become the ultimate quiz contestant. To do this she looks back at her animal rights activist past, questions why she grew out of this phase and interrogates her father over his quiz-buff history.

The final episode, 'Propriety, Plants, Grandparents, and Growing Your Own' sees Josie presenting a show about propriety, plants, grandparents, being connected to the world around you and growing your own food.

Guests in this series include Robin Ince, Chris Neill, Daniel Harkin, Henning Wehn, Jesse Thorn and Isy Suttie, plus the occasional actual expert.

First released: Monday 4th April 2011

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