Jonny Sweet.

Hard To Tell

BBC Radio 4 sitcom. 8 episodes (2 series), 2011 - 2013. Stars Jonny Sweet, Charlotte Ritchie, Simon Greenall, Alex Macqueen, Vicki Pepperdine, Sarah Solemani, Katy Wix and Julia Davis.

Series 2

1. Episode One

First broadcast: Wednesday 13th November 2013

Tom and Ellen organise a night out so that their parents can meet. Ellen's Dad's lodger invites herself along, while Tom's Mum and Dad decide to open up about an aspect of Tom's lifestyle that's been troubling them.


2. Episode Two

First broadcast: Wednesday 20th November 2013

It's Valentine's Day, and Tom is determined to protect his relationship from the threat of Ellen's ex-boyfriend. He organises a surprise trip and borrows his Dad's old tour van.


3. Episode Three

First broadcast: Wednesday 27th November 2013

Tom's Mum's cousin has died and she volunteers her son to give the eulogy. At the funeral, Ellen suspects an infidelity, while Gillian the lodger suspects a mental disorder.


4. Episode Four

First broadcast: Wednesday 4th December 2013

It's Ellen's birthday and, despite money troubles, Tom wants to make an unforgettable impression, while all of Ellen's friends are determined to keep her away from him.