Four Sad Faces. Copyright: BBC.

Four Sad Faces

BBC Radio 7 sketch show. 2 episodes (1 series) in 2008. Stars Jack Bernhardt, Tom Crowley, Rachel Lerman and Tobi Wilson.

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Review Of The Recording

Judging from the many, many sad faces that left the BBC Theatre when they had the chance, this is not a show that's got a great future ahead of it. The four writer-performers appeared to not only lack any comedic writing skills, but also had no appreciation of how to present comic material.

Rob Ousbey, 9th September 2008

Four Sad Faces Edinburgh Review:

Although fresh-faced, their comedy is mature, robust and polished.

The team set the scene with nothing more than a good old flip-chart and a few well-chosen props, before embarking on a whistle-stop tour of locations, from a wild west saloon to a post holocaust earth, and genres from cop flicks to reality TV.

The opening gags were a little too thick and fast to be fully appreciated, though. Perhaps a longer sketch would have allowed them to connect with the audience immediately.

Lorna Frost, Edinburgh Evening News, 5th August 2008