Buy Me Up TV. Copyright: BBC.

Buy Me Up TV

BBC Radio 2 sitcom. 5 episodes (pilot + 1 series), 2007 - 2008. Stars Justin Edwards, Katherine Jakeways, Alex Macqueen, Greg Proops, Ewen MacIntosh and Colin Hoult.

Bob Norton (Series 1)

Presenter.   Played by: Justin Edwards

Bob is BuyMeUp TV's old and jaded male presenter. His hair is something of interest - everyone is convinced it is a wig, but he resolutely sticks to the story that all his hair is his own.

Bob appears to dislike most people - particularly fellow presenter Angela. Bob used to be in the RSC with Eamonn Holmes, not the Royal Shakespeare Company, Ready Steady Cook... Bob is still bitter to this day that Eamonn cheated to win.

Angela Bassett (Series 1)

Presenter.   Played by: Katherine Jakeways

Angela could sell ice the Eskimos, she is that good at selling. She sees Bob as a hindrance and wishes she could have the screen to herself.

Giles (Series 1)

AKA: Giles Pendenis.  Floor Manager.   Played by: Alex Macqueen

Giles is the floor manager at the studios. The rest of the team think he looks like Kojak, or an egg on a stick.

Poor naive Giles is lacking in self-esteem and assertiveness, and thus is pushed around by the rest of the staff. Angela particularly takes advantage because she knows that Giles has a crush on her and would do anything to please her.

Jacky Tanner (Series 1)

Manager.   Played by: Greg Proops

Tanner is the brash, ruthless American owner of the TV station. He will do anything to make sure the tat that BuyMeUp TV is advertising flies out of their warehouse.

Ewen (Series 1)

Played by: Ewen MacIntosh

Ewen is the general dogsbody at BuyMeUp TV. He used to be a star in The Office, but now that the hit sitcom has finished he has been reduced to answering phones in the TV station's toilets and dressing up in a big bee costume.