David Mitchell.


BBC Radio 4 sitcom. 1 episode in 2014. Stars David Mitchell, Lorna Watson, Poppy Rush, Chris Ramsey, Carolyn Pickles, David Cann and Joe Shavin.

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Was the BBC really horrified by Frankie Boyle?

What is weird is the Mirror said he BBC axed the show because 'executives were horrified to find the pilot show included sick jokes about the IRA killing of Lord Mountbatten'.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 25th January 2015

BBC axe Frankie Boyle comeback over Royal and IRA joke

The foul-mouthed comic was set for a new series but executives were horrified to find the pilot show included jokes about the IRA killing of Lord Mountbatten.

Nigel Pauley, The Mirror, 24th January 2015

Radio review: Blocked

Frankie Boyle has proved too controversial for supposedly edgy late-night TV shows, so it could come as a surprise that his BBC comeback comes via middle-class Radio 4, albeit as a writer rather than a performer.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 6th June 2014

BBC criticised for obscene comedy mocking murdered lord

Radio 4 sitcom Blocked triggers complaints after lampooning the death of the Queen's cousin, Lord Louis Mountbatten, on the eve of the Normandy Landings anniversary.

Oliver Duggan, The Telegraph, 6th June 2014

David Mitchell to star in Frankie Boyle's Radio 4 sitcom

David Mitchell will take the lead role in Blocked, a Radio 4 sitcom about a writer that has been co-created by Frankie Boyle.

British Comedy Guide, 12th May 2014

Frankie Boyle writing Radio 4 sitcom

Frankie Boyle is poised to return to the BBC, less than a year after its comedy chief claimed his controversial tweets would make a comeback difficult. Boyle has co-written the pilot of a 'depraved farce' for Radio 4 with fellow stand-up and long-time collaborator Steven Dick.

Jay Richardson, Chortle, 5th March 2014

Frankie Boyle will not return to C4, says comedy boss

Phil Clarke says he is now after more narrative comedy with subtlety and nuance - and not comedy that is "shocking for its own sake".

Ben Dowell, Radio Times, 5th February 2014