Blinded By Science

BBC Radio 4 comedy drama. 1 episode in 2008. Stars James Fleet, Lesley Sharp, Stuart McQuarrie, Chris Pavlo, Inam Mirza, Janice Acquah, Donnla Hughes and Stephen Critchlow.

Press Clippings

Very smart: Paul Viragh's comedy puts science in the title but adds politics to the story to make the laughs arresting.

Two rival scientists are competing to become the government's new adviser on genetics - the ethics minefield that divides voters and so scares the politicians.

Blinded By Science is about how far the two rivals - one old-school, one very new-school - are willing to go to get the job. As they try to beat each other to the post, what price the real questions about embryo research?

William Gallagher, Radio Times, 3rd October 2008