Agendum. Alexandra Palisades (Carrie Quinlan). Copyright: Pozzitive Productions.


BBC Radio 4 comedy parodying current affairs programmes. 8 episodes (2 series), 2018 - 2019. Stars Carrie Quinlan, Justin Edwards, Melanie Hudson, Jess Robinson and others.

Series 1

1. Breakthrough

First broadcast: Tuesday 21st August 2018

A scientific breakthrough, a human rights scandal and Britain's favourite fruit come under the idiot microscope of a team of talking heads, hosted by hostioneer Alexandra Palisades. Topics include the selling of superwater, Noel Edmonds annexing parts of Derbyshire, and the fact that no-one likes oranges.


2. Crisis

First broadcast: Tuesday 28th August 2018

A cotton-based crisis, a row about dimensionality and the ethics of the whoopee cushion are analysed with forensic skill by a team of paid voices, chaired by chairperson-in-chief Alexandra Palisades. This weel we follow the collapse of Britain's space rocket makers following the rest of the world's refusal to go imperial, the army using new humiliation tactics, and the latest TV hit - a show all about stairs.


3. Shock

First broadcast: Tuesday 4th September 2018

A deadly pandemic, an inappropriate economic yardstick and a very special anniversary are thrown about by some talking heads who probably came in a taxi, corralled by presenterer Alexandra Palisades. This week we follow the 105th birthday of the man who put ketchup into tomato-shaped bottles, a cull of Muppets, and a look at the new cookbook 101 100 Onion Recipes.


4. Threat

First broadcast: Tuesday 11th September 2018

The very young, the very old and Stevenage all come under the microscope of talking, collimated by Alexandra Palisades. This eek we cove the addictive video game Deluge, a Twitter storm between Jennifer Lawrence and Stevenage, and a proposal to teach that 7 x 8 = 62.