1834. Copyright: BBC.


BBC Radio 4 sitcom. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2003. Stars Michael Begley, Joe Caffrey, Kenneth Alan Taylor, Mark Chatterton, James Nickerson, Toby Hadoke and Julia Rounthwaite.

Series 1

1. What Century Are You Living In?

First broadcast: Wednesday 11th June 2003

After a few drinks, English teacher Jason Slater wakes up in the 19th century.


2. The Time Machine

First broadcast: Wednesday 18th June 2003

Jason decides that the invention of the toasted sandwich maker will sort out his new 19th century life.


3. Strong Continental Lager

First broadcast: Wednesday 25th June 2003

What 19th century Macclesfield really needs is a decent pub, serving decent lager. Jason is just the man to organise it, or so he thinks.


4. Dentists And Lovers

First broadcast: Wednesday 2nd July 2003

Ned needs root canal work, but 21st century Jason needs lessons in 19th century courting.


5. London

First broadcast: Wednesday 9th July 2003

Bored witless by one street Macclesfield, Jason suggests a trip to London, to general delight. But a mint popping highwayman soon changes everyone's plans.


6. Victorian Principles

First broadcast: Wednesday 16th July 2003

The young Queen Victoria is coming to Woolsley House for a visit. When Jason invents the electric guitar, he unwittingly changes the course of history.