British Comedy Quiz

Quiz 67

We start off with a couple of questions you hopefully can get, but it soon gets harder.

1: What is the surname of the central character in Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister?

Name the person on the left

2: In which sitcom would you find a character called Grouty?

3: Which show is this picture linked to?

Which show?

4: Who starred in It's That Man Again?

5: Who wrote Ever Decreasing Circles?

Ever Decreasing Circles. Image shows from L to R: Martin Bryce (Richard Briers), Paul Ryman (Peter Egan), Ann Bryce (Penelope Wilton). Copyright: BBC.

6: Complete the name of Eric Idle's 1970s BBC2 series. ______ Weekend Television.

7: Before becoming a comedian, what did Harry Hill train to do at the University of London?

Harry Hill.

8: Who played Father Duddleswell in Bless Me, Father?

9: John-Luke Roberts and Thom Tuck host which alternative comedy night?

John-Luke Roberts and Thom Tuck

10: Which actor connects the sitcoms The Thin Blue Line, The Piglet Files and Catastrophe?


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