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The British Comedy Quiz

Quiz 312

This set of questions from Niki Walton touch on topics including Monty Python, Steptoe And Son and the character Gelliant Gutfright.

1. Who played the lead role of a priest who finds himself elected Pope in the 1991 film The Pope Must Die?

2. In which year did Katy Brand's Big Ass Show make its TV debut?

Katy Brand's Big Ass Show. Katy Brand. Copyright: World's End Productions

3. In the world of British comedy, Bob Louis and Dave Briggs are...

4. How many episodes of Monty Python's Flying Circus were produced?

Monty Python's Flying Circus. Image shows from L to R: Eric Idle, Graham Chapman, Michael Palin, John Cleese, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam. Copyright: BBC

5. Joe Wilkinson guested as Norman in three episodes of BBC sitcom Miranda. We usually saw Norman in his work uniform - what was his job?

The Cockfields. Simon (Joe Wilkinson)

6. In both the play and film version of Educating Rita, what is Rita's real first name?

Educating Rita. Image shows from L to R: Dr. Frank Bryant (Michael Caine), Rita (Julie Walters)

7. Which of these storylines did NOT occur in The Smoking Room?

The Smoking Room. Copyright: BBC

8. What was the real-life age gap between Wilfred Brambell and Harry H Corbett, who portrayed father and son in Steptoe And Son?

Steptoe And Son. Image shows from L to R: Harold Steptoe (Harry H. Corbett), Albert Steptoe (Wilfrid Brambell). Copyright: BBC

9. The character Gelliant Gutfright appeared on which television sketch show?

10. What was notable about the production of 2020's Red Dwarf: The Promised Land?

Red Dwarf. Image shows from L to R: Lister (Craig Charles), Cat (Danny John-Jules), Kryten (Robert Llewellyn), Rimmer (Chris Barrie)

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