British Comedy Quiz

Quiz 3

It's the third week of our quiz. Good luck!

1: Which sitcom featured a character called Edith Artois?

2: Which of these 5 stand-up comedians filmed a special at The Blackpool Tower?

3: What TV show is this sketch from?

4: Which of these TV comedy formats did NOT start life as a Radio 4 series?

5: Which show is this behind-the-scenes picture from?

A behind-the-scenes picture.

6: Who is this gag attributed to? "They always say, 'pay your taxes with a smile' - but then they insist on cash!"

7: The News Quiz host Miles Jupp once bluffed his way into becoming a reporter for a sport. Which game was it?

The News Quiz. Miles Jupp. Copyright: BBC.

8: Who once danced naked in public in London to raise funds for Comic Relief?

9: The sitcom Please Sir! was created by which writing duo?

Please Sir!. Image shows from L to R: Dennis Dunstable (Peter Denyer), Bernard Hedges (John Alderton). Copyright: London Weekend Television.

10: In which year did Frankie Boyle leave Mock The Week?

Mock The Week. Image shows from L to R: Andy Parsons, Hugh Dennis, Dara O Briain, Russell Howard, Frankie Boyle. Copyright: Angst Productions.

Bonus harder questions

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