Quiz 282

Hercules Grytpype Thynne returns with more crafty questions for you...

1. How many years was Norman Stanley Fletcher sentenced to in Porridge?

Porridge. Image shows from L to R: Fletcher (Ronnie Barker), Godber (Richard Beckinsale). Copyright: BBC

2. In Keeping Up Appearances, what brand of car did the Bucket family own?

Keeping Up Appearances. Image shows from L to R: Hyacinth Bucket (Patricia Routledge), Richard Bucket (Clive Swift). Copyright: BBC

3. In Sorry!, Ronnie Corbett played Timothy, but what was his surname?


4. And what occupation did Timothy have in Sorry!?


5. What was the name of the holiday destination in Carry On Abroad?

Carry On Abroad. Image shows from L to R: Cora Flange (Joan Sims), Vic Flange (Sid James), Marge (Carol Hawkins), Lily Mays (Sally Geeson). Copyright: Peter Rogers Productions

6. Who voiced Rocky Rooster in Aardman's full length animation Chicken Run?

Chicken Run

7. What was the name of the coach company in Murder On The Blackpool Express?

Murder On The Blackpool Express. Image shows from L to R: Peggy (Una Stubbs), Mildred (Sheila Reid), Marge (Susie Blake)

8. What business did Mick Jagger (Phil Cornwell) and Keith Richards (John Sessions) run in Stella Street?

Stella Street

9. What was the 1970s cosy neighbour sitcom starring Julia McKenzie and Irene Handl called?

Name this show

10. Who are Edward Hugh McGinnis and Cyril John Mead?

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