Quiz 280

Mike & Angelo ran for over 120 episodes in the 1990s... but it is not very well remembered now. Do you even know what it was about? That question, and more, below.

1. Select the comedian who wrote a poem that featured the line "On the Ning Nang Nong Where the Cows go Bong!"

2. Below is a picture of a robot that is seen in the title sequence of a TV show. Which programme is it linked to?

A toy robot emerging from some purple water

3. Which sitcom had episode titles including Plough Your Own Furrow, Say Little Hen... and The Pagan Rite?

4. How many episodes did Men Behaving Badly run for?

Men Behaving Badly. Image shows from L to R: Gary Strang (Martin Clunes), Dorothy (Caroline Quentin), Tony Smart (Neil Morrissey), Deborah (Leslie Ash). Copyright: Hartswood Films Ltd

5. Of the list below, who was born FIRST?

6. What was the premise of Mike & Angelo?

Mike & Angelo

7. Which double act presented the 1996 VHS Viz Top Tips?

8. Which sitcom featured characters called Gordon, Laura, Colin, Tim, Gavin, Carole, Julie and Linda?

9. The first TV comedy series Layton Williams starred in was in 2008, playing a character called Kyle. What was it called?

Name this show

10. Which of these is NOT a long-running Radio 4 comedy series?

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