British Comedy Quiz

Quiz 23

Time to work that grey matter...

1: Which British sitcom has the lines "Restaurant and teas" and "Going down" in its theme tune?

2: Which of these films did Richard Curtis make FIRST?

3: What was the name of the 'dragon' played by Peggy Mount in George And The Dragon?

Name this character

4: In 2016's Lost Sitcoms on BBC Four, who played Alf Garnett in Till Death Us Do Part?

5: Which of the following actors had a father in the RAF? He died a year after she was born.

6: Who is hidden behind the black box in this picture?

Who is this?

7: Which Aardman Animations film has made the most money at the box office (worldwide, not inflation adjusted)?

8: What was the name of the impressionist who got to the final of Britain's Got Talent 2010?

Who is this?

9: Who hosted Live At The Electric?

10: Pick out the person who did NOT regularly appear in the first series of The Friday Night Project in 2005.

Bonus harder questions

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