Quiz 209

BCG member Alfred J Kipper is back with another brilliant set of questions to test you...

1. In Dad's Army, which of these does Sergeant Wilson often teasingly test Captain Mainwaring with, knowing he'll get it wrong?

Dad's Army. Image shows from L to R: Captain Mainwaring (Arthur Lowe), Sergeant Wilson (John Le Mesurier)

2. Which of these double acts have NOT starred in a TV sitcom together?

3. Kevin Turvey was a character created and performed by...

4. The celebrated Peter Cook & Dudley Moore sketch 'One Leg Too Few' is centred on an audition for the role of which fictional character?

Image shows from L to R: Dudley Moore, Peter Cook. Copyright: BBC

5. Which of these is NOT set in a university?

6. "Ham actor performs at country house but finds he has a spooky connection to it" is a loose synopsis of which "comedy scare" film?

7. Episode 14 of Doctor At Large - 'No Ill Feeling' - is best known for what?

Doctor At Large. Copyright: London Weekend Television

8. Which of these sitcoms is NOT set in the world of advertising?

9. Which of these sitcoms was filmed in and around the male lead actor's own house?

10. Which late comedian was the target of graverobbers after it was rumoured he was buried with his valuables?

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