Quiz 186

This week's cryptic question (find it after the answers) is particularly clever... but extra hard. Good luck.

1. What colour tie does Mr Bean normally wear?

Mr. Bean. Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson)

2. Select the odd one out.

3. Fill in the blank. Renee from The Fast Show would often comment "What did I say, _____?".

The Fast Show. Image shows from L to R: Caroline Aherne, John Thomson

4. Comedy series Lucky Feller starred which future sitcom icon?

5. Name Ewen MacIntosh's character in The Office.

Ewen MacIntosh

6. Who was born first?

7. Which of the things in the list below was Douglas Adams really passionate about?

Douglas Adams

8. Which sketch show would you most associate Helen Atkinson-Wood with?

Helen Atkinson-Wood. Copyright: Steve Ullathorne

9. What business was at the centre of LWT sitcom Not On Your Nellie?

Not On Your Nellie

10. In what year did the BBC first broadcast Reggie Perrin, the sitcom remake starring Martin Clunes?

Reggie Perrin. Reggie Perrin (Martin Clunes). Copyright: Objective Productions
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