Quiz 178

We're back, with a new look! The questions are just as hard as always though!

1. The Inbetweeners attend which school?

The Inbetweeners. Image shows from L to R: Will Mackenzie (Simon Bird), Neil Sutherland (Blake Harrison), Jay Cartwright (James Buckley), Simon Cooper (Joe Thomas). Copyright: Bwark Productions

2. Who was NOT a regular on long-running ITV stand-up series, The Comedians?

The Comedians. Copyright: Granada Television

3. Who played the vampish Valeria in Carry On Screaming?

4. Which of these popular sitcoms was NOT spun off into a film?

5. With whom could you expect to enjoy a candlelight supper, if not, indeed, an afternoon of "riparian entertainments"?

6. Which sitcom starred Nicola McAuliffe as sharp tongued senior surgeon Sheila Sabatini?

7. In Bob Servant, what type of business did the central character run?

Bob Servant. Image shows from L to R: Bob Servant (Brian Cox), Frank (Jonathan Watson). Copyright: BBC

8. According to Peter Cook's famous sketch, "I could have been a judge, but I never had the..."?

Peter Cook

9. Who starred alongside Freddie Frinton in Meet The Wife?

10. Who released a memoir called On the Way I Lost It?

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