Quiz 163

At the time of writing, we are experiencing "proper" summer weather. Let's hope these questions don't melt your brain!

1. Name the show pictured here.

Name the show

2. Which show would you associate with the initials MB, SF, MHD, JH, LR and BW?

3. In 2002, Johnny Vegas sold the exclusive rights to his wedding pictures for £1. But who was the buyer?

Johnny Vegas

4. Who in this list is the oldest?

5. The podcast Like Minded Friends is hosted by Suzi Ruffell and ...

Suzi Ruffell

6. Which of these comedies is NOT set around sport?

7. How many times did Channel 4's Comedy Gala run?

Channel 4's Comedy Gala. Image shows from L to R: Jonathan Ross, Jack Dee

8. Who advertised Hamlet cigars in a series of 1980s TV adverts?

9. Who played matchmaker between Victoria Coren Mitchell and David Mitchell? They said to Victoria: "There's David Mitchell over there, I think you should probably marry him, I'll get the ball rolling by introducing you."

Image shows from L to R: Victoria Coren Mitchell, David Mitchell

10. What is the name of the web series created by Humza Arshad?

Humza Arshad
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