British Comedy Quiz

Quiz 15

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1: This little boy grew up to become a stand-up comedian. What is his name?

Name this person

2: Name the star of the Sky sitcom Time Gentlemen Please.

3: Select the next line of Monty Python's Lumberjack Song. "The giant redwood"; "The larch"; "The fir"; ...

Monty Python Live (Mostly).

4: Who is writing a book which contains the words Straight Outta Crawley in the title?

5: What was the name of the infamous club that Malcolm Hardee opened in Greenwich in 1984?

Malcolm Hardee.

6: The first Comedy Central Live festival will take place in October. Which city will it be based in?

7: What was the name of the department at the centre of The Thick Of It?

The Thick Of It. Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi). Copyright: BBC.

8: TNT Show, Channel 4's 2009 topical TV series, was hosted by Jack Whitehall and ...

9: What was the name of the puppet in Educating Archie?

Educating Archie. Copyright: BBC.

10: "My wife - it's difficult to say what she does. She sells seashells on the seashore." Who wrote this joke?

Bonus harder questions

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