British Comedy Quiz

Quiz 125

To get full marks in this quiz you'll need your sound turned on, as one of the questions requires some listening.

1: Complete this programme title. The Kumars At No. ___

The Kumars

2: Which show is this image linked to?

Who is this?

3: What colour is Stouffer, Harry Hill's cat?

Harry Hill's ClubNite. Harry Hill. Copyright: Nit TV.

4: Which show has this theme tune?

5: Select the sketch show you'd associate with Mr You-Don't-Wanna-Do-It-Like-That, who had the catchphrase "Only me!".

6: Gourmet Night is which episode in Series 1 of Fawlty Towers?

Fawlty Towers. Copyright: BBC.

7: Who connects Big School, The Thick Of It and Getting On?

8: Which comedy is pictured here? That's Christopher Beeny and Thora Hird.

Which show?

9: Who had an "Imaginary Sandwich Bar" on Radio 4?

10: Joe Lycett tells a story about how he got out of a parking fine. What did he write on a picture of his car?

Joe Lycett's Got Your Back. Joe Lycett.

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