British Comedy Quiz

Quiz 105

As with all our quizes, you'll need to have been paying attention to decades of comedy to be able to get the super hard to achieve score of 10 out of 10. Good luck!

1: What are the names of the characters at the heart of Catastrophe?


2: Which show is this set connected to?

Which show?

3: Before becoming a stand-up comedian, what job did Gina Yashere do?

Gina Yashere.

4: How many times was Tommy Copper married?

Tommy Cooper.

5: Which of these TV shows started first?

6: How much did The Inbetweeners Movie make at the box office on its first day of release?

The Inbetweeners Movie. Image shows from L to R: Jay Cartwright (James Buckley), Neil Sutherland (Blake Harrison), Simon Cooper (Joe Thomas), Will MacKenzie (Simon Bird). Copyright: Bwark Productions.

7: Prior to the events of Porridge, Norman Stanley Fletcher had been in the armed forces doing National Service. Where was he stationed?

Porridge. Image shows from L to R: Fletcher (Ronnie Barker), Godber (Richard Beckinsale). Copyright: BBC.

8: Which Goon Show character would you link to the catchphrase "Needle nardle noo"?

The Goon Show. Image shows from L to R: Neddie Seagoon (Harry Secombe), Professor Osric Pureheart (Michael Bentine), Count Jim Moriarty (Spike Milligan), Bluebottle (Peter Sellers). Copyright: BBC.

9: Which superhero has Peter Serafinowicz played in a TV series?

The Peter Serafinowicz Show. Peter Serafinowicz.

10: How many series did Desmond's run for?

Desmond's. Copyright: Humphrey Barclay Productions.

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