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I have written two comic novels (The Accidental Scoundrel and Tripping the Night Fantastic), a few sitcom scripts that went nowhere (because they were, in hindsight, terrible. But hey, we have to start somewhere....) I've written articles for WhatCulture Magazine and FRONT magazine, and music related stuff for Gigape.

I currently have a humorous children's book making the rounds with agents called Tommy, God of the Island of Wonder.

Currently I have two books in the process of being written. One is The Inexplicable Donna Blithers (which is going well) and the other is an experimental travel book called, Drowning in the Land of Madness.

One day of all this writing will amount to a job and I will no longer have to work horrendous hours doing unrewarding things that do very little to reward the soul.

My first two novels are currently being produced as audiobooks.

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I'm in the mood for trying out a different medium. I'm currently adapting my first novel into a screenplay, to what avail I don not know. Just to get experienced in the craft I think. I want to work in comedy. Writing is my forte but other things intrigue me. I've always wanted to perform in someway but Bournemouth (the place I live) has little opportunity for such things.

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