Tune-Up, No. 6: Maisie Adam on ripping up the comedy roadmap

The Stand Up Sketch Show. Maisie Adam

A lot of new comics would happily eBay a lesser limb to mirror Maisie Adam's career path. From first gig to loads of telly within a couple of years, and now a debut headline tour kicking off in late 2022, the Yorkshire comic has completely ignored the classic stand-up rulebook.

It's a quirk of the comedy business that most overnight successes have usually been slogging round the circuit for a decade, at least. But would she advise other comics to retrace her rapid steps, or is her rise just a one-off? In fact, is advice worth listening to at all?

Away from stage and screen Maisie also has a podcast with Tom Lucy, That's a First!. So we started on that theme - coping with your first big show.

It's been an amazing few years, Maisie, but did you have many nerves before, say, your first headline slot?

My first...

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