Strangeness In Space

Strangeness In Space

What would happen if Sophie, the manager of a NASA Space Centre gift shop, and Trev and Simon, two idiots claiming to be a 1980s styled synth pop duo called Pink Custard, were thrown together with a computer robot called LEMON on board a damaged space craft, lost in a distant universe, orbiting Planet Mirth? Strangeness In Space is a sci-fi sitcom written by and starring Saturday morning TV legends Trev & Simon. The show is entirely crowdfunded - Find out how to get involved

Episode 4: Pet Shock Boys

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  • Published: 18th June 2016
  • Length: 30 mins
  • Size: 13.9mb

Trev & Simon embark on another mad mission to Planet Mirth with Sophie, to find the rightful owner of her beloved day-glow alien space pet... but soon wish they hadn't! And along the way Sophie gets an unexpected message from home! Paterson Joseph joins as The Puppymaster.

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The Team

Clare, Sophie, Trev and Simon went to Manchester University together to study drama. Now, decades later, they've teamed up again to bring us Strangeness In Space.

Image shows from L to R: Trevor Neal, Clare Eden, Sophie Aldred, Simon Hickson

Trev & Simon: Their multitude of character creations on 1980s and 1990s Saturday morning shows Going Live! and Live & Kicking became legends, whether it was Don & Dougie Draper ("We Don't Do Duvets"); Ken & Eddie Kennedy; the Barbers ("We Don't Do Perms"); or The Singing Corner ("Swing your Pants"). Since then they've continued to work both together and separately, as writers and performers, in adult and children's TV.

Sophie Aldred: Sophie played the role of Ace, companion to the Seventh Doctor in Doctor Who, from 1987-1989. Since then she's worked on a variety of TV shows and her extensive voice work also includes animated programmes such as Dennis & Gnasher.

Clare Eden (Producer): Clare worked for many years as an Agent. She now works in an eclectic variety of related areas; as consultant to freelancers; running social media pages for clients, and as administrator of the John Thaw Foundation.

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