Strangeness In Space

Strangeness In Space: Episode 2: The Five

Episode 2 sees Trev, Simon and Sophie still orbiting the Planet Mirth but an unforeseen emergency sends them in search of a cure! Meet the hairy scary Rhinocerbikers, led by Atrocious Knocious (Rufus Hound), and the sinister Dr Scarifium (Peter Guinness).

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Published: 1st October 2015.   Length: 25 minutes.   Size: 11.7mb

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Strangeness In Space.

Episode 3: Step Back In Time

Date: 12th February 2016   Length: 26 mins   Size: 12.4mb

Trev, Simon and Sophie have been stuck in space, orbiting Planet Mirth in their broken down spaceship, but how the heckers did they get up there in the first place?...


Strangeness In Space.

Episode 4: Pet Shock Boys

Date: 18th June 2016   Length: 30 mins   Size: 13.9mb

Trev & Simon embark on another mad mission to Planet Mirth with Sophie, to find the rightful owner of her beloved day-glow alien space pet... but soon wish they hadn't!...


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