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Richard Herring: Talking Cock

Richard Herring: Talking Cock: Episode 1

You Fuck One Goat - Richard tells the story of why he decided to create this show, reveals what percentage of men would rather lose their two eyes than their one-eyed trouser snake, explains why this a subject for men AND women and reads some new and exclusive answers to the question 'Where have you put your penis for fun?' There's also a belated campaign to free Hull chef Stephen Hall and a poem by the curmudgeonly opera director Stewart Lee. Plus the man who claims hundreds and thousands have touch his willy. (Illustration by Alex Collier)

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Published: 4th February 2013.   Length: 40 minutes.   Size: 36.93mb

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Richard Herring Talking Cock.

Episode 2

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Richard Herring Talking Cock.

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Richard Herring Talking Cock.

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Richard Herring Talking Cock.

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Richard Herring Talking Cock.

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