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RHLSTP Special - Rob Rouse

RHLSTP Special - Rob Rouse - Quink-Faced Schoolboy. RHLSTP is back at the Long Division Festival in Wakefield for the second week running and this time Richard is looking at the impressive crime figures in this beautiful town, with lots of retail opportunities. His guest is the roadkill consuming comedian Rob Rouse. They chat about exploding sheep, the downside of eaten limpets, the incident that made Rob decide Geography teaching was not for him, the life-changing decision for both men to give up on A Level Physics, how to decrease the value of Star Wars figures, what to do if your wife gets her hand trapped in a ladder and being the 21st Century Baldrick. There's some nice philosophy about coping with success and failure and an extraordinary denouement which involves fire and methane and a brand new suit.

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Published: 20th July 2019.   Length: 91 minutes.

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