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RHLSTP Special - Emergency Questions

Emergency Questions Special - Richard Herring - Venice in Peril. The RHLSTP tables are turned as the interviewer becomes the interviewee and Richard Herring, best know for playing a policeman on Ant & Dec Unleashed - is quizzed by comedian Sarah Bennetto at the Deer Shed Festival about his marvellous Emergency Questions book. And the jeopardy is that he's in front of a family audience. Will he swear? Place your bets about how long he will last. Where did he come up with this crazy idea? Would he rather have a ham hand or a suncream armpit? Has he ever flown a kite? What is his pizza based dating secret and which playwright do you think it worked on? How do you deal with heckles from the weather and babies? Where does he see himself in 500 years time. Plus there's emergency questions from some of the kids in the audience and Rich responds by making them question the reality of existence. And get ready for your podcast feed to get crammed full of lovely podcasts as we're about to do 21 shows in 24 days at the Edinburgh Fringe!

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Published: 28th July 2019.   Length: 61 minutes.

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