RHLSTP with Richard Herring: RHLSTP 328 - Mae Martin

#328 Playdough Tumour - Richard is surprised to discover the scale of what he had (until recently) been carting around in his scrotal sac. Due to his aphantasia he couldn't visualise it until he made a model. Never mind the bollock though, his guest is the wonderfully talented Mae Martin. They discuss how kissing pretty actors on TV isn't the fun it might appear, whether it's better to be beautiful or clever, which member of the royal family they'd prefer to be, why people of Richard's generation are so strung up over gender and sexuality and what it's like to start stand-up at 13. There's sex, there's drugs, there's no rock or roll.

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  • Published: 19th May 2021
  • Length: 76 mins


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