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RHLSTP 330 - Jackie Weaver

#330 Battle of Hastings Nasal Regrets - Richard is lamenting the moments from childhood where you move on from something and can never go back. His guest is the formidable Jackie Weaver, who seems to have proven that she did have the authority over Handforth Parish Council. She reveals the secrets of what was going on at the meeting and how the thing went viral and the consequences for the men who questioned her attendance. But also the songs, panto offers and sketch appearances that have followed. As well as her own podcast where she asks her guests weird and wonderful questions (Where does she get her crazy ideas?). Has Jackie Weaver seen a ghost? Would Jackie Weaver like a ham hand? Does Jackie Weaver like always being referred to as Jackie Weaver? You can find out by listening to this.

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Published: 2nd June 2021.   Length: 72 minutes.


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Image shows from L to R: Nigel Planer, Richard Herring.

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RHLSTP with Richard Herring. Image shows from L to R: Geoff Norcott, Richard Herring.

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RHLSTP with Richard Herring. Image shows from L to R: Sarah Kendall, Richard Herring.

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