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RHLSTP 133 - Lucy Porter

RHLSTP #133: Lucy Porter - Altercation With A Shepherd. Richard is worried that he's been experimented on by aliens and about whether a litigious Egghead will be coming for him. His guest this week is pocket dynamo, Lucy Porter. They chat about their varying success on quiz shows, how Danny Dyer saved 2016, what it's like being married to a Queen-loving giant and what it's like performing in front of a room full of babies. Also, how Kitchen Karaoke and Rich with his top off led to romance and how a sheep-shearer incensed turned a comedian into a heckler. See Richard on tour this spring or buy one of his DVDs or downloads from gofasterstripe.com. Support our podcast by buying a monthly badge and get access to a secret channel with backstage extras and get entered into a monthly prize draw: gofasterstripe.com/badges

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Published: 9th February 2017.   Length: 67 minutes.   Size: 91.8mb


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