Richard Herring: Happy Now?. Catie Wilkins

Richard Herring: Happy Now?: Episode 1

Happy Now? #1: Wardrobe Malfunction. The 'Happy Now?' tour has begun and Richard gives his thoughts on how it's going so far and reveals the truth of the boring and dangerous life on the road. Taking us through the glamorous locations as Sutton Coldfield, Leicester, London and Sheffield, he explains how the writing process for this show has differed from his others, and plays some clips from the shows where things have gone wrong. How many times does he accidentally have to show the audience his pants before he admits it's all deliberate, how will the populace of Sheffield who all make their living stripping take to Herring muscling in on their territory, and what happens if you forget to plug in your show laptop? It's a rambling start to a series which will hopefully make it to the end of the tour this time. For all tour details and ticket links check out

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  • Published: 19th February 2016
  • Length: 28 mins
  • Size: 51.2mb

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