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2011 #14: Barry Cryer and Edward Aczel

What's that unusual atmosphere in the air today? Could it be genuine reverence. Rich is joined by one of his absolute comedy heroes, Barry Cryer and is trying to be on his best behaviour. Barry's butterfly brain means he has a story about everyone and everything that gets mentioned from Nicholas Parsons to Stewart Lee and Jack Benny to Richard Pryor. He also comes up with the best answer yet to the Keith Allen Question (as it is known in parliament). So just sit back and listen to a comedy legend (which is pretty much that all Rich does in this episode) and find out who's really the king of Edinburgh. Edward Aczel is on hand for five minutes of stand-up and Rich has just been offered an advert where he'd have to live in a perspex box for three days (he may not take it). What a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

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Published: 18th August 2011.   Length: 60 minutes.   Size: 54.84mb

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