The Twelve Shows Of Richard Herring

The Twelve Shows Of Richard Herring: Introduction

In this opening podcast, Richard takes us through his reasons for attempting this foolhardy project and some vague memories of each of the dozen shows. It will get more interesting than this. Perhaps.

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Published: 31st July 2015.   Length: 29 minutes.   Size: 53mb

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The Twelve Shows of Richard Herring.

Episode 1

Date: 3rd August 2015   Length: 37 mins   Size: 68.3mb

TSORH #1: Talking Christ. Richard previews the first two shows in his upcoming run of Twelve Shows, Christ on a Bike and Talking Cock, with memories of Edinburghs past and...


Richard Herring.

Episode 2

Date: 11th August 2015   Length: 39 mins   Size: 70.7mb

TSORH #2 - Booz of Rachab. The Odyssey begins. Richard discusses how the first of his twelve shows went down, as well as giving a non audience performance of a...


Talking Cock.

Episode 3

Date: 13th August 2015   Length: 31 mins   Size: 56.6mb

TSORH #3 - Hollowed Out Cucumber. Rich looks back at the performance of Talking Cock last weekend and forward to The Twelves Tasks of Hercules Terrace and Someone Likes Yoghurt...


Richard Herring - The Twelve Tasks of Hercules Terrace.

Episode 4

Date: 17th August 2015   Length: 23 mins   Size: 41.6mb

TSORH #4 - Polish/Mexican Restaurant with Karin. Richard takes you through then nerve-wracking time ahead of and during his (possibly) trickiest show in the 12 show run, [i]The Twelve Tasks...


Someone Likes Yoghurt. Richard Herring.

Episode 5

Date: 19th August 2015   Length: 27 mins   Size: 25.5mb

TSORH #5 - Metal Mickey. Richard dissects his performance of Someone Likes Yoghurt and reflects on changing tastes in comedy and whether his on stage persona was well-defined enough, as...


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