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The ManBuyCow Podcast: Series 3, Episode 1

The Monster in the Cupboard. What happened to Rufus, after Howard stranded him in the 1980s? Why is there a wedding cake in the cellar? How do you lose a house in online gambling? Where did all those policemen go? And why is Grett Binchleaf pretending to be a teacher? The ManBuyCow Podcast is back with series three: it's everything you feared it would be AND MORE!

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Published: 7th March 2016.   Length: 46 minutes.   Size: 75.3mb

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ManBuyCow. Image shows from L to R: Howard Long, Rufus Penzance.

Series 3, Episode 2

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The Idiots in the Wardrobe. Rufus & Howard have two problems: 1. They have no money, and 2. They haven't written anything for series three of their podcast. Is the...



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Series 3, Episode 4

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The Men in the Shed. It's another ManBuyCow Podcast Storytime Special! In which Rufus reads a story that Howard wrote when he was young. This time, it's the story of...



Series 3, Episode 5

Date: 2nd May 2016   Length: 48 mins   Size: 82.5mb

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Series 3, Episode 6

Date: 16th May 2016   Length: 54 mins   Size: 98.5mb

The Robot in the Rumpus Room. Why is Rufus building a robot? Will Howard take his new girlfriend for a ride in a hot-air balloon? What's the difference between a...


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