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The ManBuyCow Podcast

The ManBuyCow Podcast

Rufus and Howard are trying to make a sitcom and sketch show; but with dinosaurs in the garden, a kettle that can see the future, and a doorway to hell in the cellar - will they ever make it to the end?

Space Ants

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  • Published: 23rd January 2021
  • Length: 41 mins
  • Size: 71.6mb

Giant ant creatures from outer-space have invaded the Earth and enslaved humanity. Fortunately, there is a resistance - led by Uncle Dennis Quaid. But who can be trusted? And who will give in to temptation and join the InformAnts?

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ManBuyCow is written and performed by Rufus Penzance and Howard Long.

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"...a delightful sitcom and sketch show that feels equal parts Monty Python and Douglas (Hitchhiker's Guide) Adams, with a lot of other odd bits sprinkled in." - Splitsider

"This strikingly offbeat show... is a good example of the genre-bending freedoms that podcasting affords. Each episode lightly skips between comic modes - from The Day Today-style news satire to self-produced comic songs to surreal narrative flights of fancy with a deftness that brings to mind the glory days of The Mighty Boosh radio series... it's had me chuckling all week." - Pete Naughton, The Telegraph

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