Live From Kirrin Island

Live From Kirrin Island: September 2013

Topical sketch show, written by members of The British Comedy Guide. In this episode Clegg sends David Cameron fracking on Kirrin Island, Nigella is cooking up a divorce recipe, and Robert Mugabe is on the sofa. Plus we finally discover the reason why man invented the calendar.

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Published: 9th September 2013.   Length: 29 minutes.   Size: 26.61mb


Animated Sketch

Here is the eCrimewatch sketch from the show animated:

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Live from Kirrin Island.

April 2013

Date: 22nd April 2013   Length: 29 mins   Size: 26.71mb

On April's show, David Cameron and Nick Clegg cash in on the Thatcher legacy by re-taking Kirrin Island, Iain Duncan Smith survives on £53 per week through the cunning use...


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