Hayley & Ruth: Two Stars

Hayley & Ruth: Two Stars: Episode 1.15 - Co-op Supermarket

After a listener requested they review the Co-op opposite Charing Cross Station, Hayley and Ruth find themselves at the supermarket at 6am.

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Published: 7th April 2017.   Length: 32 minutes.   Size: 44.2mb

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Hayley & Ruth: Two Stars.

Episode 1.16 - Macey *****

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Hayley & Ruth are on the frontline of art once again as they meet artist Macey ***** in a warehouse in Shoreditch. Guest starring Georgie Morrell as Macey *****. [link=http://pokeintheeyeproductions.co.uk/]Georgie's...


Hayley & Ruth: Two Stars.

Episode 2.1 - EdFringe 2017 Post Mortem

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Hayley & Ruth: Two Stars.

Episode 2.2 - Soho

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Hayley & Ruth: Two Stars.

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