Collings & Herrin. Image shows from L to R: Andrew Collins, Richard Herring

Collings & Herrin: Podcast 98

So, Richard is back from Mauritius, jet-lagged, with a small put poignant avian gift for Andrew (pictured) and the rich tan of a vain Giorgio Armani footballer. Having been apart for two weeks, during which Richard developed an unhealthy hatred for a nine-year-old girl in his hotel and saw four films on a plane, and Andrew worked really hard, in our 98th podcast we have plenty to catch up on, including: the snow, Peter Kay's autobiography and the Ronnie Corbett Scandal. We also find time to discuss what Beyonce will do for money, whether Wales counts as a proper country or not, the rubbish threats of Daffy from N-Dubz, the solecisms of poorly educated people and Lenny Henry's big hands.

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  • Published: 16th January 2010
  • Length: 66 mins
  • Size: 61mb

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